Media Conference 20200205

The safeguardcanada editiorial group held a media conference on Feb 5, 2010. The group is comprised of media professionals volunteering to fact check on some fake or misinformation regarding the  outbreak of  Novel Coronavirus in 2019. The focus is on Canada news and especially the local community reaction to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak globally.

The press conference is held on Feb 5, 2020. Local Chinese media and Mainstream media had attended together with city councillors from Richmond Hill -Castro Liu, Markham – Armanda Colluci and Toronto- Jim Karygiannis. Also in attendance is MPP Logan Kanapathi from the Ontario Legislature.

The editorial group  is specifically establish to report the situation of the coronavirus epidemic . All information are gathered from trusted Government and Health organizations. For some local news, the group will attempt to verify the accuracy before posting on the site. The main objective is to fight misinformation , reveal fake news, safeguard Canada. We encourage anyone in public if they have doubts in any information related to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, please feel free to contact us via the following
tel : 416-837-0493 (Mandarin)
tel : 647-831-0493 (Cantonese)
tel : 416-409-9628 (English)
or simply by email to
Let’s work together and safeguard Canada from the Novel Coronavirus outbreak disaster.

Although the Canadian Editing Group has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, the Canadian Editing Group does not expressly or guarantee that such information is accurate. The Canadian Editing Team will not be liable for any errors or omissions.